Sunday, November 04, 2007

More pictures - from my recent trips to Oregon:
Thought i ought to list the story behind the ooey-gooey goodness:

so i used Ursa's recipe for a black forest chocolate cake, link below, and it turned out wonderfully! was worried as i had a few setbacks-the first cake did not cook through, and collapsed on my kitchen counter while cooling. i just used the outside pieces, which were cooked, and used those to create the middle layer of the cake. i also made quite a mess when i knocked over the blender full of almond meal. thankfully i had some extra almonds in the freezer! also, i didn't use rum extract in my recipe b/c when i went to the store to get ingredients, they only had one brand of extract. i called the company, but they were closed. it was mccormicks...anyone know for future reference whether they use gluten-free caramel color? i adapted the recipe a bit by using a different recipe for the chocolate cake. that's listed below as well. and instead of cutting off half of the cake, i made cupcakes. those by themselves were delicious!here's the recipe:;#entry347305 here's the chocolate cake recipe: (so good even on it's own!).
Gluten Free Black Forest Chocolate Cake

Happy Birthday to ME!