Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Proud Sister

I know I have not been following the most Paleo diet of late (although I really have improved things as I've progressed through my second trimester and into the third). However, I am still a firm believer. Over the past couple years, my younger brother has dabbled with different diets to see what helps him feel best. We've talked a lot about the different things we've tried, and what bothers us and how. It's kind of a common topic among certain of my family members :)

I'm pretty sure he's Celiac, as well as intolerant to a few other foods. He and I have talked Paleo for awhile, and I know he's been giving it a try this last summer/fall.

He made this post on facebook a couple days ago, and I just beamed. I'm so happy he's found something that works for him, and that he's feeling so much better! Extra proud because he's a barista at Starbucks! I would not have the discipline to work there and not partake of all that goodness ;)

So happy for him! P.S. I think he meant to write "Have to write a testimonial."