Saturday, April 14, 2007


So I have experimented on GF bread crumbs without much success. I was given a tip to use toasted waffles, and here's the results! They were great!!!
Just toast 2 Van's waffles, throw 'em in your food processor and grind for a few seconds. Then pour them into a hot pan of melted butter (about 2 tbsp) and let them fry for a couple minutes. Then top your fave dish w/ them and bake. I made tuna noodle casserole for lunch today (first pic), and loved the flavor and crunch the crumbs added!
Threw the rest in the freezer, gonna see how they do second time around. :D

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Chicken and dumplings - recipe adapted from the food network's 30 minute meal recipe. I used half and half of Pamela's GF baking mix and Bette Hagman's Featherlight mix flours to make the dumplings, and I added carrots, potatoes, and corn as my veggies (all I had on hand). Next time I'd add peas I think, and make the dumplings way smaller. they each ended up being about a handful sized (measured in a woman's med-sized hand). I also used chicken stock that I had leftover from a bird I cooked awhile back. Cut everything up into small pieces so you can just slurp it all up! The broth was fabulous! The dumplings weren't so bad either, for being GF :D

Gluten Free Eclair Cake
Behold my delectable dessert! A Gluten Free masterpiece! It doesn't look like much, but my was it delicious! Thrown together from a recipe from "Life Tastes Good Again" from my favorite site:
It didn't hold together very well....I didn't have time to refridgerate it, but that was ok. My friends and I devoured it anyway! Tasted just the same as I'd always remembered cream puffs to taste like, but w/out the gluten!!! Splendid!