Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cashew "Pizza Cheese"

So, what have I been eating lately? I'm going to start with the present, and work my way backward, if possible.

Despite the long absence on my own blog, I have been following everyone else closely. I've also discovered many new blogs. I've been rather obsessed with Gena's website, Choosing Raw. No, I'm not vegan, nor am I a raw foodie. But she's got some amazing creations! I've tried a few in the last couple weeks, with great success.

Tonight, I made a fantastic recipe: Cashew Ricotta w/ Basil & Sundried Tomatoes (AKA Pizza Cheese).

It was delicious with some Glutino crackers for dipping. I even snuck in a few bites with tortilla chips later. I'm contemplating eggs w/ pizza-cheese-topped-toast for breakfast...

Original recipe here.

Recipe notes:
I didn't use miso (none in the fridge)
I added some onion and garlic powder
I used dried basil (I'm sure it would be better with fresh, but now is not the season to be buying fresh herbs)
I used my vitamix, which struggled a bit with blending.

Other than that, I just followed Gena's directions, and was so excited with the results! I hope you'll try this great recipe! I am also anxious to try it in a collard wrap. I don't think I've ever even bought collard greens before...this'll be an adventure!

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