Tuesday, July 26, 2011

So Paleo

I'm so excited! I am finally doing it. I'm eating Paleo/Primal! Go me!! I sat down last week, made a list of all the recipes I've found, snack ideas, etc. And I laid it all out on a calendar. I then went grocery shopping, and did some cooking. And here we are.

Had a bit of a rocky start on Saturday, but I'm still going strong. Not feeling sick yet, thank goodness. I attribute that to the fact that I've been making a lot of paleo recipes lately, so I've been eating less carbs/sugar already. I haven't been eating perfectly paleo, but I'm trying as best I can, and not stressing over the rest.

Today was the weirdest day so far. I was STARVING all day. I ate a 3-egg omelet w/ veggies for breakfast, and by the time I got to work (an hour later), I was busting out the almonds. I then went for some sweet potato chips. Then some pistachios. Then it was lunch time. I had a bowl of sweet potato chowder (loaded w/ veggies and chicken). Finished that off w/ some grape tomatoes. Then another helping of sweet potato chips (I know I OD-ed on the sweet potato today, my bad). Finally started to feel satiated. Yeah...this all went into a 5 foot 3, 110ish pound girl, who has not worked out for 2 days. CRAZY!

Once I have some time, I will post some of the recipes I've been enjoying. I'm keeping a food log, may even share that. This has been an exciting change for me, and I'm excited to see the results in my body and overall health.

BONUS: Went to lunch w/ my husband yesterday and was telling him how the plan was going so far. We also went into some of the parameters of the diet, and what I CAN eat. He then said he would be willing to eat paleo with me! WIN!

Stay tuned!


Nikki said...

Good for you! It gets easier. Especially with the sugar. At some point you'll see something sweet and turn the other way. Of course I have to go through the pain over and over before I get there because I fall off the dang wagon so often ;)

Stephanie said...

Thanks Nikki! Today (day 5) has actually been worse! I've felt like crap all day. But I'm determined to stick it out until I get past the withdrawals or whatever it is I'm feeling right now.

I have a feeling the sugar wagon is going to be difficult for me to stay on too!

Heather said...

Links to recipes? Sweet Potato Chowder sounds awesome.