Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fave Pregnancy Drink

I've always enjoyed a hot cup of herbal tea when I've been sick, or to help de-stress. However, drinking tea while pregnant has been a challenge for me.

Before we tried to get pregnant, I was chugging red raspberry leaf tea, as I'd read that it is a uterine tonic, as well as a fertility booster. I don't know if I can chock up my quick success to the tea, but it sure didn't hurt our chances! I determined to continue drinking the tea throughout my pregnancy.

Red raspberry leaf tea consumption is widely recommended by midwives and natural health promoters to help during pregnancy, especially the last trimester, when the body is getting ready to evict that cute little baby.

During my first trimester, I went through a lemonade kick. One day it occurred to me that I could mix my RRL tea and lemonade, to create an awesome iced tea. It worked! I just brewed a few cups of tea, then subbed that in for some of the water when making the lemonade. It was delicious.

Currently, my favorite way to enjoy RRL is an iced tea brewed with Tazo Passion herbal tea, which has a wonderful, slightly tart and fruity flavor. I'll brew the two together, then mix in some honey, allow to cool, then add in some fresh-squeezed lemon or orange, and enjoy over ice.

If you want more information on the benefits of red raspberry leaf tea, check out this great blog post.

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Ashley Clark said...

You are awesome. What a good idea.