Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Coconut Love!!!

Shhh, don't tell Luke! I swear I went to the gym that day :)

So, the lovely Coconut Gal is giving away my FAVORITE ice cream! Here's the link to her blog - check it out!


Coco.nut Your Average Girl said...

Look how cute you are!! Hope you win some :)
There is a picture of a chain "linking" in the buttons above the text field when I do my posts and that's how I link things... I'm pretty tech-challenged too

jessica~ said...

You cuties and your coconut ice cream pictures!!! (followed you here from coco.nut) I have to try that ice cream.

glutenfree4goofs said...

So not an ice cream comment but I love your favorite things list :) We have a lot in common-amen to the chocolate and sleeping in especially!

Steph said...

Coconut girl! You are a genius! I can't believe I've been blogging for years and never figured out how to do that!!! Haha!
You know, I heard that they're discontinuing the strawberry and lemon ice cream. That sucks, but they are coming out with some new flavors next month. Woohoo!