Monday, May 24, 2010

My New Goal

So, I've seriously slacked on the blog front lately. Mostly that's laziness. But a little bit of it I'm going to blame on my husband. He's a big gamer, and plays most nights/weekends. When we're home together on the computers, his games get completely ruined by any uploading I do. And let's be honest, food is more fun with pictures. So I put off uploading the pics, until I can do so without causing my husband more anxiety than playing games with 4 complete strangers can cause. Then when I do have time, I usually have other things that seem to take precedence...
I was looking back through my blog archives. The most I've posted in any month is 7 recipes.
Here comes my challenge. I'm going to beat that. This month. Yup, with just a week left in the month. I'm doing it. Just you wait and see. It's gonna be awesome! I've even given myself a winning strategy and head start. I've started typing up the recipes, sans pictures, in a word file. So, stay tuned for super awesomeness of gluten/dairy/everything-else-I-can't-eat-but-am-too-lazy-to-list free recipes (though I'm sure it would have been less complicated to list the foods than adding dashes to every word space)!
You're gonna love it :)

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